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Serve your favorite Cheese and Wine with our Date Night Cherry Charcuterie Flight. The handle is inspired from our #1 seller, The Classic Tap handle. The flight boards are treated with food safe oil to bring out the natural wood grain.


Your choice of personalization with of stock images or custom laser engraved or "Oh Natural". Size of font will depend on number of letters you choose for personalization. 


******You will receive a proof of the flight board will look like prior to being engraved*******


What is included :
1 - Flight Board
2 - 15 oz Glasses
laser engraved Personalization on the back of the board if wanted 

Flight Dimensions : 

15 oz glasses width is 2.5" diameter 
 17" length x 9" width x  3/4" height

Back of board customized with no additional fee.


Natural clear finish to enhance the woods character.


Important! All hardwood is not created the same, wood will have different grain patterns and or colors. This is what makes it a one of a kind.


Handmade tap handles, flight boards and more, when we are not brewing beer…..


Garage made in Calgary, Canada

Date Night Charcuterie Flight Board - Cherry