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Standard threaded Brass insert (3/8 - 16) to fit most beverage faucets.


Create your own tap handles. Simply drill a

33/64 hole, 5/8" deep into your wooden piece. Screw the insert in (see below). Now you have your very own wooden tap handle that will fit the top of all standard beer faucets.


*****E-Z Knife threaded inserts are typically installed with the slots up. The slots accommodate a screwdriver or E-Z LOK drive tool. *****For harder woods, screwdriver installation isn't practical. Installation can be accomplished with the drive tool or using a bolt and jam nuts. When using the bolt/jam nuts installation technique, the slotted end of the insert can be either up or down

pack of 10 Brass Insert Nuts (3/8 - 16)

SKU: parts010

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