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"The Classic Monogram" beer tap handle is a great gift for your friendly neighborly home brewer or to showcase your home made Ale’s or Lagers.  Laser engraved with our Barley surround Mongram


Standard threaded brass insert (3/8 - 16) to fit most beverage faucets.

Tap: 6” tall, 1.5” wide at the top of the handle & 1" wide at the bottom of the handle, 7/8" thick with front and rear faces routered. 


Natural clear finish to enhance the woods character.


Important! All hardwood is not created the same, wood will have different grain patterns and or colors. This is what makes it a one of a kind.


Handmade beer tap handles, when we are not brewing beer…..


Garage made in Calgary, Canada

“The Classic Monogram" Beer Tap Handle - White Oak

SKU: Monogram 004

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